Notebooks & Journals by Artist Nancy Martini
Notebooks & Journals by Artist Nancy Martini
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Introducing Journals by Nancy Martini


Our new normal has forced many of us to question the future and how to work within the limitations the pandemic has created. For me, my new normal had me wondering, “What do I want to do today that is truly important?”

A typical day starts out with my camera and a walk. I never know what I will find, who I will meet, and what I will be inspired by. It never fails. Somethings happens. Everyday is a new opportunity. I am never satisfied with photography alone. I paint over and manipulate the image until it matches the visceral reaction I have when I experience the subject in person. For example: a royal poinciana tree is more than just a tree with red blooms. I feel a connection to the tree and the beauty of it transports me to a place of peace and tranquility where I am overwhelmed by its beauty. With today’s technology, I don’t use the photo just as a reference as I did in years past. Now, I take the image and with the help of my computer I am able to adjust the photo to create the expression I am looking for. Sure I still paint, draw, sculpt, etc. in traditional means, but there is something about the immediacy of the computer that moves at the speed of my ideas and rushes through me as I am on my way to the next image or project.