Notebooks & Journals by Artist Nancy Martini
Notebooks & Journals by Artist Nancy Martini
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Nancy Martini

Artist, Nancy Martini

Artist Nancy Martini lives and works in Miami, Florida. Her works spans many years and many mediums from sculpture, painting, encaustic, textiles, photography & video, fused glass, papier-mâché, to new media art.

Artist Statement: 

The pandemic has forced a period of solitude, so I decided to pick up my camera and walk in my city. This simple activity has provided solace, discovery, and inspiration during this time of confinement.. I have found quiescence among the bustle -- spaces full of color and light that allow nature to find her place among the structures. The collection of images I am creating is called Quietly Urban.

The Quietly Urban collection is an example of New Media Art, which uses technology to create imagery, typically starting with photographs that are digitally drawn over and manipulated. This technique allows me to create affordable art that can be used in a variety of ways - the first being offered as notebooks and journals.

Education / Professional Experiences

1980 - 1983   Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

1983- 2008    Freelance Graphic Designer and Creative Director

2008 – 2020   Studio Art, Graphic Design, Photography and New Media Art


Food Forest Exhibition by Nancy Martini brings awareness to growing food in urban areas. Each sculpture uses grocery bag material to represent our relationship with food questioning our relationship with food, how we acquire it, and how we could make healthy food more accessible to the community by growing it in public spaces.

Food Forest Exhibition

Handprinted silk scarf using the actual pigment from leaves to create the printing and the coloring. The hanger is part of the "Food Forest Collection" by Nancy Martini

Handprinted scarf using leaves

"The Biscayne Bay Collection" Porcelain bowls by Nancy Martini are delicately thin with native plants and flowers carved into the bowls to promote the importance of planting natives in our home and urban gardens.  The porcelain glazing technique is destressed to mirror the state of the bay and how much it needs our care. The collection subtly brings awareness to necessity of clean water that is vital to our health and the health of our community.

Porcelain Bowls Nancy Martini



Nancy Martini’s work is multidisciplinary and has been exhibited locally and internationally in group and solo exhibits. The work exhibited contains a variety of mediums exploring ideas about environment and societal relationships which has been the common thread throughout her entire body of work and expansive diversity of mediums. Below is a listing of some of the exhibits she has participated in.

March 2016 - Irreversible Project, Boca Raton, FL

March 2014 - Artist Residency at the Deering Estate, Coral Gables, FL

February 2014 - Coral Gables Museum, Miami, FL

December 2013 - Art Week Miami: Solo Exhibition, Flor, Miami, FL

November 2013 - Tropical Audubon Society: Solo Exhibition, South Miami, FL

June 2013 - International Biennale Artist Exhibition, Miami Ironside, Miami

April 2013 - Blue Sphere, The Wynwood Exhibition Center, FL

April 2013 - Kontempo, Miami, FL 

January 2013 - Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL

Dec. 2012 - GAB Studios, Wynwood, FL

August 2012 - Eco China, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, China

Sept. 2012 - Art in Public Places, Surfside, FL

February 2012 - Artisan Lounge, Miami, FL

January 2012 - Wynwood Green, Wynwood, FL

October 2011 - Art Fallout, Girls Club Collection, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

October 2011 - Public Places Exhibition, Pinecrest, FL

May 2011 - Common Roots, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Miami Beach

February 2011 - The Sketchbook Project 2, New York, NY

June 2010 - Divine Debris, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Miami Beach

June 2010 - Art in Public Places, Coconut Grove, FL

June 2010 - Form Space Atelier, Seattle, WA and NY

March 2010 - Arte Americas, Miami Beach, FL

March 2010 - The Space Between, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY

January 2010 - The Sketchbook Project

    January 29-30 2010 Traveling Exhibit, Atlanta, GA, 303 Grand, 

    Brooklyn, NY, Art and Shelter Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 

    Soulard Art Market, St. Louis, MO, Home Gallery, Chicago, IL



April 2012    Arts of the Spirit, Coral Gables, FL

    Group exhibit exploring spirituality through art



June 2012 - U.S. Green Building Council, UM, Coral Gables, FL

May 2012 - Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Pinecrest, FL

April 2012 - Pinecrest Gardens, Pinecrest, FL

February 2012 - Coral Gables Women’s Club, Coral Gables, FL

January 2012 - Wynwood Green, Wynwood, FL

April 2011 - Pinecrest Gardens, Pinecrest, FL

April 2011 - South Miami Rotary Club, South Miami, FL


Print Media

April 2013 - Community Newspaper, Key Biscyane, FL

February 2013 - Community Newspaper, South Miami, FL

February 2013 - Community Newspaper, Coral Gables, FL



April 2012 - ArtFest Magazine (Featured Artist)


2010 - UVU (online PBS Station) 2 Interviews


2013 - Perma Artist by James Ru

    Featured artist interview with photographs of work


Online Periodical

Sept. 2010 - Sunday Salon, NY, Nairobi, Chicago

    Interview by Barbara Sueko McGuire